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A comprehensive range of specialist growing media is stocked at Downham Home & Garden Store.

Whether it’s for houseplants, greenhouse, or outdoor use there are products for every type of growing from peat-free, loam based, reduced peat, coir based and moisture control.

Seed & cutting compost is used for sowing seeds, striking cuttings, delicate cuttings and all other sensitive young plants.


Ericaceous compost is lime free and is great for use with plants with special growing requirements such as Azaleas and Rhododendrons.

We stock several types of multipurpose compost too which can be used year round, some have added John Innes. John Innes compost is probably one of the best known names in the compost world. There is John Innes Seed, used for seedlings and cuttings. John Innes No 1 for young plants and freshly rooted cuttings. John Innes No2 particularly suited for re-potting plants. John Innes No3 which contains the highest levels of nutrients and is suitable for final potting of mature plants.